In late 2016, our team began production on what was supposed to be a single amateur video project showcasing how artists, musicians and athletes used their talent to help others. Almost immediately, that single video project became what is now 3 distinctly different documentary video SERIES, a neighborhood feeding program that has fed over 10 thousand people on 2 continents and an online charity art store which raises funds for other charitable organizations and disaster relief efforts around the world.

Below are the original “rough” pilots for the series we currently have in professional production. Including the very first video that inspired it all: “For the Kids”.

A documentary series showcasing how artists, musicians and athletes from around the world use their talents to support charities of their choice.

  • “My City” Original Pilot Episode: “For the Kids”. Featuring “Mr. Baca”, a DJ by night and art teacher at a dual language elementary school by day; MarchFourth, the world renown marching band and their work with the Joy Now Foundation; and The Massive Monkees, a world champion B-Boy team who’s work with their community earned them their own day in Seattle.
  • Watch “For the Kids” here:
  • “My City” Pilot Episode 2: “Alexa”. An incredible and powerful story of an aspiring young vocalist and breast cancer survivor who uses her music to help women in crisis, both on and off the stage.
  • Watch “Alexa” here:
  • “My City” Pilot Episode 3: “The RCU”. A family of DJs, producers and artists who use their talents and events to support Portland’s growing homeless population.
  • Watch “The RCU” here:

Breakdancing is now a standardized Olympic sport. B-Boy Impact is a collection films showcasing the amazing impact that B-Boy crews and icons of dance culture have had on their local communities and abraod.

The Aftershock Tour is a documentary series focused on the many inspirational and ingenious ways people come together in times of disaster.

The first season of the “Aftershock Tour” series takes a trip to the major natural disaster sites around the Pacific Rim during the last half century. The series focuses on the scientific and technological advances made in the rebuilding process and the talented people who have helped rebuild their communities in the aftershock of disaster. Production was halted during 2018 due to our founder’s cancer diagnosis but we hope to continue by 2021.